What exactly is Baagle?

Baagle is fictitious Internet organisation, pretty much like Google, that currently exists only in my mind.
But is planned to be a main hero of science-fiction book, I’m willing to write (soon or later).

I was lucky enough to catch last Google-like dot-com domain still available and that is, how future book title’s was born.

As for now, this book is entirely a project, though with good source base. Nothing is permanent, everything can be changed any time.

So, I can’t tell you anything sure about it. Let’s just say, that this book is going to ask some questions. like:

  • What would happen, if a company, powerful like Google, could change the world nearly anyway, it would like?
  • What, if it would be able to design things, even biggest geeks hasn’t ever dreamed about?
  • Where are the limits of human mind, if there are any?
  • Is Matrix really just a science-fiction?

Unfortunately, as for now, book hasn’t got a publisher, or even a time line. I simply got no damn idea, when do I find time and ability to write it. It could be finished and even published in mid-2013 as good as this page could remain unchanged for next ten years. This is a completely off-time project, that is probably not going to bring me any money. So, its future is completely unstable.

Yes… We’re masters of our future and time… But on the other hand, we have to eat something and pay our f*ken bills, right?

Background picture comes from The Megawatt Hour’s blog post titled “The Internet, Cloud Computing and Energy Consumption“. BTW! If you’re willing to pay around 10k USD, I’ll be happy to sell you this domain and change my book’s title! :] Contact me here.